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Trump wall craziness

Trump wall 01 - cement truck carries about 4 cubic yards for 3 feet deep 3 feet wide and 12 feet high wall. Must travel average 150 miles round trip consuming 15 gallons guzzlene; no roads most places.

Trump wall 02 - at one cement truck per 3 feet of wall, need 1760 trips for 1 mile of wall.traveling average 150 miles round trip consuming 15 gallons guzzlene per trip; total 26,400 gallons.

Trump wall 03 - add more gallons guzzlene for moving rebar for cement, and more to make hundreds of approximately 75 mile roads for travel to wall site. Easy low estimate 40,000 gallons of guzzlene per mile of wall.

Trump wall 04 - Assume wall will be only 1,000 miles long, taking a measly 40 million gallons of guzzlene as a burnt offering to the clear skies.

Trump wall 05 - Building miles of wall takes many workers that must travel many miles to and from work daily; MORE guzzlene offered to the now not-so-clear skies.
OR they live in new towns by the wall, requiring transport for workers and materials to build these towns; add more guzzlene to build towns. Those living in these new towns require food, clothing, etc. More guzzlene to support needs of the workers..