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SEO rant

This is a part of what may be a continuing series.

For starters, it is my understanding that Google will penalize you/downgrade your ranking if you have too many poor quality backlinks.

Seems all SEO vendors want to plaster the web with hundreds of links (countable as backlinks) to drive traffic to you. A specific case in point:


GET MORE CUSTOMERS Make sure your customers call the right phone number when they want to get in touch.

YEXT CHECKS IF YOU HAVE THE CORRECT BUSINESS INFORMATION ACROSS THE WEB Between Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, MerchantCircle, YP, Dex, and hundreds[*] of smaller directories, we'd guess you don't keep tabs to make sure every directory has your correct phone number listed.

YEXT takes care of this for you. YEXT makes sure that directories across the web update your businesses information so that your customers can reach you.


Good advice, BUT notice [*] above where they say hundreds. That hurts at least two ways.

First, there will be many, possibly more than half of the ads in non-sequiter URLs (you have no control).

Second, all of those spammy ads (like selling cupcakes on an auto dealer site) count against you.

Third, to add insult to injury, you get to PAY for them on a MONTHLY basis even when nothing changes.

What they DO NOT tell you, is that those listings are "local" and fail to define what that means. They also fail to say that they get to charge you MONTHLY even tho the data DOES NOT change.

Such a bargain, already!

Answer: get a list of proposed sites by hook, crook, or Google and VET THEM.

Place as much of a free ad as possible on each acceptable, RELATED sites.

All it costs is time, and only ONCE, not every month. With pre-set ad script files one should be able to process ten to twenty per day.


Seems all SEO vendors want you to signup for a complete SEO package, which usually includes a new website. Many imply or say that your website "does not rate" on Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Obviously, if you have been on the web for a few years, this is not true. NONE do their homework.

And the other failing is that they "dis" your keywords, possibly to sell keyword services. Most do not have a clue what yours are (no homework).

They all want your business on a monthly basis with no end in sight.

But worse, if you propose only a few of their services, they dissappear faster than a drop of water on a hotplate.

Answer: If you really need specific SEO services, there are companies that will work with you. You may have to sift thru a dozen or so, but it is possible.


Incomplete SEO services

When we first started using GoDaddy, we literally had over a dozen server-side SEO failures.

Via some flaky advise, we were able to decrease that number, but there are still some server-side SEO failures.

Nobody wants to talk about those, and worse, absolutely nobody wants to help address these particular SEO issues.

We communicated with several SEO vendors that were "bugging" us with ads, promotions, etc, and said:

"So, to do any business, we would ask that you tell us straight out, can you fix our .htaccess file?"

Results: In effect, all have mysteriously disapeared off the face of the earth.

Specfic hype from some of those INCOMPLETE SEO "providers":


> Dear Web Owner,
> I am Jenny, Online SEO Consultant for Leading a SEO, Web Design and
Development Company; one of the very few companies which offer organic
SEO Services with a full range of supporting services such as one way
themed text links, blog submissions, directory submissions, article
writing and postings, etc.
> Goal
> Advanced SEO Services aims to enrich your business with unique visitors
on daily basis funnelled down to desired pages as Search Traffic on major
Search Engines and increase conversion ratios using white hat organic
optimization techniques deployed by our experienced Search Engine Marketers.
> Why SEO?
> With nearly 266,848,493 websites on World Wide Web and about 2,095,006,005
internet users what are the chances of someone landing on your website and
WHY should they? The answer lies in your Products / Services / Portfolio.
> But the BIG Q is HOW to get them on YOUR WEBSITE with so many online


> Hi,
> We have done a technical analysis on your website and found the following
areas of concern.
> 1. Your website attracts limited traffic, which affects potential sales.
> 2. Your keywords don"t feature in Google first page, which affects
> 3. Your back links are not good enough, which affects link popularity.
> 4. Your website is not properly promoted, which affects the overall score.
> We are a Search Engine Optimization service provider and can assist you in
overcoming the above mentioned problems. We have Google certified
professionals who can perform a more detailed analysis on your website. Not
only we are taking care of your 1 page keywords ranking, also we are taking
responsibility to improve of our clients sales.
> How we are different from other SEO Company?
> We know better why customers are paying money and what we have to deliver.
We are confident on our work, so...
> 1. Dedicated expert for the project.
> 2. No set up fee charged.
> 3. Committed to deliver result.
> Please let me know how we can proceed further.
> Best Regards,
> Ram
> SEO Manager


> Hello! There,
> I am Ritika Business Developer & Online Marketing Consultant.
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> We offer a variety of services that can satisfy your needs at affordable
> cost.
> Our Services:-
> . Website Designing and Development Services.
> . Responsive and SEO Friendly websites.
> . New website for Business (in Content Management System, CMS).
> . Ready Made E-Commerce Website and Mobile App Solutions.
> . Mobile App Development for IOS and Android.
> . Online advertising.
> . Full SEO Package (with plan and activities).
> . PPC (pay per click).
> May I know in which Service are you interested in?
> If you are interested, then I can send you our company details, past work
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        //Comment: The e-mail was a HTML formatted webpage,which got
appropiately mangled by a text-oriented webmail server.