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Lake Oswego OR 97035
Robert Baer, owner

High Voltage Zener
from Oil 4 Less® LLC


   Order BS from SoftwareProjects.com

  Tried to order the eBook Brain Stimulator Method,
  $37.00 Feb 5, 2017.

  Note it is impossible, unless fraud is used, to complete ANY credit card
transaction without a complete and correct card billing address.
  See full screenshot showing total lack of places for that entry.
incomplte order
  I called SoftwareProjects.
  Note any reliable bank, to prevent fraud, *requires* full and accurate
disclosure of complete and correct card billing address.

  SoftwareProjects "excuse" is that the software is sent over the internet,
therefore a full address is not needed (which is obvously NOT true).
  By that logic, even the ZIP code is not needed.

  They said they "COULD NOT" fix the addressing problem.

So much for their "complete and uttermost satisfaction". See full screenshot.

false promise
** Called bank and their records only show the attempt to charge the card,
the charge amount, and that the charge was rejected.
  Our bank had no record of what billing information, if any, was used.