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Search Engine Reports rant

This is a part of what may be a continuing series.

Search Engine "Reports"

..May choose to lie or not give any results.

https://searchenginereports.net/open-graph-checker May choose to lie about a valid, tested OpenGraph implimentation with the following error message: "No Open Graph implementation found!" .

Their Web Management tools:

Their Website SEO Score Checker dies with the message "Invalid Captcha!" NO Captcha! seen.

Their Online Ping Website Tool dies with the message "Invalid Captcha!" NO Captcha! seen.

Their Website Page Speed Checker gives sizes of 0 KB, 0 D/L speed, logs zero images, zero CSS files, zero JSfiles.

Their Website Page Size Checker: would you believe appears to work.

Their Meta Tags Analyzer found NO metaTags, no robots tag, no OpenGraph, no title, no URLs.

Their Website Page Snooper is non-functional: blank/empty results.

We quit at his point, as their reliability appears to be near zero.


Ain't Search Engine Reports WONDERFUL?