Oil 4 Less® LLC
3 Monroe Pkwy #P-321,
Lake Oswego OR 97035
Robert Baer, owner

High Voltage Zener
from Oil 4 Less® LLC


Oil 4 Less® LLC is a Veteran-Owned Small Business with ten years experience in providing quality shunt regulator replacements to the Victoreen Corotron™ .

We are the sole manufacturers of the Codatron® High Voltage Zener.

Our low noise Codatron® high voltage zener is capable of operation to 204 degrees Centigrade / 400 degrees Fahrenheit, translating to longer lifetime, higher reliability, and lower cost of use. The low noise allows decreased bench set-up time and more reliable data for analysis; both benefits translating to greater profitability.

It is designed to be easily programmable to any of the popular voltages used in photomultiplier applications such as radiation detectors and downhole neutron detectors; users have found our Codatron® to be quieter than the Corotron™.

CAGE: 4BFS6 DUNS: 19-581-1190 NAICS 334413 FSC 5963


As replacement to items in

NAICS 334413 FSC 5960


Active in SAM; Registration valid until 2021-02-03


The Codatron® High Voltage Zener is our most popular product, especially in downhole applications.

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Oil 4 Less® LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation formed on April 16, 2001 by Robert Baer.

The original intent was to raise money to make and sell working models of an oil well lifter that could produce fluids at a cost near $2.50/BBL.

That lifter is covered by Patent 5,016,708 "Apparatus and Method for Producing and Cleaning an Oil Well" (May 21, 1991) and is a "book" patent, in that it covers five separate items (patents).

No funding was obtained, so the Manager of Oil 4 Less® LLC having about forty years of experience in the semiconductor manufacturing trade, made a survey to find circuits that could be developed and sold to raise money.

The result is the Codatron® high voltage zener, still being produced and sold. The Provisional Patent Application "High Voltage Shunt Regulator Circuit" covering this device was filed Jan 16, 2003; Application # 6/440,903.


These regulators have been designed for general purpose use in the -55C (-67°F) to +177°C (350°F) temperature range, and include a small positive temperature coefficient to compensate decreasing photomultiplier sensitivity as temperature increases.


These regulators have been designed and tested for use over a wider temperature range, from -75°C (-103°F) to +204°C (400°F), and also include the same small positive temperature coefficient to compensate decreasing photomultiplier sensitivity as temperature increases.

Pricing for 50V to 1250V regulators restored due to increase in costs.

The "A" grade pricing increment of $25 will remain.

Same discounts: 10% from 10-49, 15% from 50-99, 20% from 100 up.

    50V - 1250V $225 qty 1-9         1300V - 2500V $247.50 qty 1-9